John S. Conniff is an attorney admitted to practice in Washington and Oregon. He attended Seattle University undergraduate and earned his law degree from Seattle University. He served as counsel to the Washington State Legislature, was Deputy Insurance Commissioner for Health care and now practices law in his own firm concentrating on health, insurance, and business matters.

How Much Did You Earn?

When a traditional marketplace changes and we save money, we cheer it as “disruptive innovation.” That was one of the big ideas behind the Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare marketplace and Exchanges like Washington’s Healthplanfinder.  Buy direct and save; avoid sales commissions. Be your own insurance broker or ask a “navigator.” But, as the Harvard…


Most Birds may Flock Together

The Washington State Attorney General has answered a question of which types of health care professionals can “flock together” to form a multidisciplinary professional limited liability company. The answer – every profession noted in the state statute other than physical and occupational therapists who must flock amongst themselves. The question of who can own a…


Pandemic Advice from DOL, IRS, and OIC

Government response to the Coronavirus has included a wide range of emergency measures governing health plan administration. Some of these measures address dislocations caused by sudden change in employment status while others address administration of benefits for employees marooned at home. The fast pace of change wrecks the predictability required for health care benefits tied…