John S. Conniff is an attorney admitted to practice in Washington and Oregon. He attended Seattle University undergraduate and earned his law degree from Seattle University. He served as counsel to the Washington State Legislature, was Deputy Insurance Commissioner for Health care and now practices law in his own firm concentrating on health, insurance, and business matters.

Judge Unimpressed with AHP Magic Trick

On Thursday, a federal court judge for the District of Columbia struck down the new Department of Labor’s (DOL) association health plan (AHP) rules declaring, “these provisions are unlawful and must be set aside…[and the] bona fide association and working owner provisions are therefore vacated.” As an attorney, I cringe thinking about fellow attorneys standing…


States sue DOL over new AHP rules

They said they would and they did. Twelve states filed a lawsuit against the Department of Labor (DOL) challenging DOL regulations liberalizing standards for creation and operation of Association Health Plans (AHPs). The complaint mirrors objections and comments submitted to DOL by a group of seventeen state attorneys general before the final rules were adopted.…


DOL Final AHP Rules – Take a Breath

O.K., deep breath…slow down…no need to hyper-ventilate. Even if association health plans sold to small employers won’t include all of the “essential health benefits” mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), that doesn’t mean the plans can be designed free from any regulatory constraints. Washington State association health plans will not suddenly appear on the…